How to take Legal Action Against a Scammer

SASSA provides financial assistance to deserving individuals through various grant programs. However, some individuals have taken advantage of the system through fraudulent means despite its noble intentions. Fraudsters who are not eligible to receive SASSA benefits are gaining illegitimate access to the benefits.

The use of SASSA cards belonging to others to withdraw payments is also prohibited. Legal action has been taken against these individuals for this fraud. Find out more about these perpetrators and their actions by reading on.

Scammer Activity at Post Office

The Post Office is a popular way to withdraw SASSA Fraudsters grants, but unfortunately, some people commit fraud and steal money from the Post Office. The South African police arrested four people in Komani, Eastern Cape, for post office fraud, including the branch manager and teller. Fraudsters allegedly stole R 10.1 million by creating fake beneficiary accounts and withdrawing transactions illegally.

SASSA Card Scame

The security officials reported the arrest of 34 people who were caught withdrawing payments from other beneficiaries’ SASSA cards. There were approximately 100 SASSA Fraudsters cards in their possession, and the total amount withdrawn was R100,000. In 2019, the police arrested 20,000 people for illegally possessing SASSA cards. There has been an ongoing issue with SASSA card fraud for over a decade.

Scammers Applications by Non-Qualified Beneficiaries

A half billion fraudulent SASSA grant applications have been made by ineligible applicants. Many people have benefited from SASSA Fraudsters, despite their unqualified status, highlighting the need for stricter measures to prevent fraud.

Financial Losses Incurred by SASSA Due to Scammers Activities

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has experienced significant financial losses due to fraudulent activities, according to a report presented during a parliamentary briefing by the Minister of Social Development.

Number of People Involved in Scammers Activities

Approximately 1,173 individuals benefitted illegally from SASSA Fraudsters grants, according to the report. 761 were officials, 221 were SASSA grant recipients, 120 were money lenders, and the remaining individuals were members of the general public. Fraudulent activities have been occurring since 2012.

Total Loss Incurred by SASSA

SASSA Scamers lost R 536,683,179 as a result of these fraudulent activities, according to the report. There may, however, be an actual amount that is higher, as some cases are still pending. A loss of R 109 million was experienced by the agency in 2012, and a loss of R 215 million was recorded from 2018 to 2019.

Impact of SASSA Card Robbery on Losses

Minister Zulu reported that 82,042 SASSA cards had been stolen over the past five years, resulting in a loss of R 23 million.

Fraud Cases Under Investigation

SASSA fraudsters lost R 3,200,000 in 2019 fraud cases, according to the Human Settlements Minister, Mmamoloko Kubayi. SASSA is investigating the fraud cases from 2022, and once the investigation is complete, it will release the actual figures.

The financial losses incurred by SASSA due to fraudulent activities are substantial, and therefore, more measures are needed to prevent and address them.

Crackdown on SASSA Fraudsters

The police will apprehend individuals involved in SASSA Fraudsters fraud and bring them to court to face punishment. SASSA-related fraud perpetrators have been incarcerated for periods ranging from five to fifteen years over the last decade.

Reporting SASSA Grant-Related Fraud

SASSA Fraudsters should be reported immediately if you fall victim to fraud, such as unauthorized transactions. To report fraud to SASSA, follow these instructions:

The SASSA fraud affidavit form can be obtained at your local SASSA office or post office.
Please complete and sign the form. The form can be submitted by email to [email protected] or at the post office.

The following documents must be submitted with the form:

  • An authentic copy of your ID
  • A certified copy of your SASSA card
  • The completed SASSA fraud affidavit form.

What to do in case of a lost SASSA card?

In the event that SASSA Fraudsters are lost, SASSA needs to be informed immediately. Your lost card will be banned, and a new one will be issued to you as soon as possible.

SASSA is happy to assist you with any further queries. They can be reached at 080060 10 11, or via email at [email protected].

Investigations conducted by SASSA, SAPO, and Police

To investigate fraud cases, SASSA Fraudsters collaborates with the South African Post Office and the police. Millions of fraud cases are uncovered every year. Investigations are currently underway for the cases reported in 2023.

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