How do I Update Banking Information For The SASSA R350 Grant

SRD grants are designed for unemployed people between 18 and 59 years old who are unemployed. Financial assistance from the government is only available to jobless individuals who are unable to meet their basic needs. Here are some options you may consider if you are having trouble changing your SASSA R350 banking information.

SASSA has approved the following options for SRD R350 grant payments:

  • Switching from one payment method to another
  • Changing from a post office payment method to a bank account
  • Receiving payments from one bank and transferring them to another
  • The option to receive funds via cash sent.

How to update your banking information for the SASSA R350 relief grant

If you are a SASSA SRD R350 grant beneficiary, you can update your banking information by submitting your ID number at any time. To change your bank account details, follow these steps:

Visit the SASSA website

For SASSA details, go to the SASSA website by clicking the following link:

Find the “How do I change my banking details” section

Scroll down the page until you see the section titled “How do I change my banking details ”.

Insert your ID number

Please enter your ID number in the appropriate field.

Receive a message with a unique secure link

Once you have entered your ID number, you will receive a message on the mobile number you registered during the application process. In the message, you will find a secure link that is unique to you.

Click on the link and follow the instructions

Click on the link in the message and follow the instructions to complete the process. During this process, you can also change your phone number on the SASSA website.

Try to avoid this

SASSA requires that only your own banking information be provided for grant payments to prevent fraud. Your grant payment will not be processed if you submit bank details belonging to someone else. Sassa officials take this step to ensure that grants are distributed correctly.

When transferring money through a major bank, you must ensure that the phone number you provided, which received the SMS notification, is registered in your name. It will result in your payment being declined and Sassa will not send any funds to you.

Beneficiaries are advised to obtain their grants through their personal bank accounts by Banking Information For SASSA. It will not only reduce the queues at the post office, but also ensure that the cash is delivered in a secure and efficient manner.

Note: Beneficiaries will receive payment once their updated bank details have been verified.

Can SASSA transfer my r350 grant payment to someone else’s bank account?

No, Sassa requires you to have a bank account in order to receive grant payments. Grant payments sent to another’s bank account will be declined by Sassa.

Is it Possible to Change Your SASSA R350 Grant Payment Method if You Already Have One?

Yes, It is possible to change your grant payment method, even if you currently have one. Sassa will verify your new payment method before you can start receiving payments.

How Long Does it Take for Sassa to Verify Your Banking Details?

You can expect a verification process of your bank details to take at least seven to ten business days from the day you submit your SASSA application.

Can You Receive Your SASSA Grant Payment at Pick and Pay?

You can receive your Sassa r350 grant payment through Pick and Pay, but you must have a unique cell phone number and select Postbank. Your first withdrawal will require you to complete FICA at a SAPO branch. Also, read about Postbank’s apology for causing Sassa grant recipients inconvenience.

What could be the reason for SASSA rejecting my R350 grant payment method?

If SASSA cannot verify your payment method or if you provide incorrect information, your grant application may be rejected. The rejection of an application can also be caused by simple mistakes such as typographical errors. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide accurate and current information.


Your Banking information for SASSA can be updated at any time, but your personal information and documents will always be verified to ensure your eligibility. You may not be eligible for the SASSA grant if your monthly income exceeds R595. It is your responsibility to notify SASSA of any changes to your financial situation. In addition, SASSA has requested that social grant recipients be patient during the application process.

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