What Does Pending Mean in Sassa Status

Pending Mean in Sassa Status: The “Pending” status is frequently encountered by Sassa grant applicants. In case you’re wondering what “Pending” means in Sassa, and what happens with your application, here’s what you need to know.

When you see the “Pending” status on your Sassa application

You have not yet been approved for your application because it is still being processed. We are still verifying and scanning the details you provided in your application. You will receive an SMS notification asking for your bank details once your application has been approved. After you provide Sassa with your bank details, the payment will be made.

What is the meaning of “pending” on a SASSA status check?

A SASSA applicant may wonder why the status of their transaction is listed as pending. A pending application status indicates that the application has not yet been approved and is still undergoing verification and review.

When an application is approved, the applicant will receive an SMS requesting their bank details on the phone number they provided. Once SASSA has received these details, payment will be made.

Applicants should keep checking their status if it has not yet been approved. Their application will be responded to shortly by SASSA officials.

Note: The SASSA COVID-19 R350 grant does not have a fixed payment date. Applicants who meet the grant requirements will receive payment every month, subject to verification.

What is the duration for a Sassa application to be approved?

A pending status means that the application has not yet been approved by Sassa. Typically, payment is made within 7 days of approval. There are no fixed payment dates for the Sassa R350 grant.

How to check the status of a Sassa application?

The official Sassa website at srd.sassa.gov.za/ allows you to check the status of your Sassa application.

What should be done if an application receives a “Reapplication Pending” status on Sassa?

If your application status reads “reapplication pending,” Sassa has not yet received it. To submit your application, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Sassa website at srd.sassa.gov.za/
  • Scroll down to find the grant application section
  • Enter your mobile number in the required field
  • Click the “send SMS” button
  • You will receive a one-time OTP code on your phone
  • Enter the OTP code in the required field
  • The application process will continue once the required information is filled out.
  • If you believe that your application was unfairly rejected, you can appeal the decision.

What is the meaning of “Sassa’s pending bank detail”?

When you search for your banking details on the Sassa website for a Sassa grant, if you see the message “Sassa bank details pending,” that means Sassa has received your application, but you haven’t yet submitted your bank details or selected the payment method. “Bank details pending” indicates that you have not yet selected a payment gateway.

By visiting the Sassa website, you can enter your details. After Sassa approves your application, you will receive an SMS requesting your bank details. A pending payment, as well as bank details, will remain if you do not provide your payment information or bank details.

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