Reason Behind Sassa Grant Application Declined – SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application in 2023

SASSA Grant Application Decline: Are you an unemployed individual who has applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant? You will find all the information you need about the SRD R350 program in this comprehensive guide. There are several reasons why your SASSA status check shows a declined application.

The South African Social Security Agency provides various financial assistance programs for its citizens. However, some applicants still face rejection despite being eligible. The objective of this article is to explain possible reasons for the denial of your SASSA R350 grant application.

The SASSA SRD R350 application process is straightforward, but the verification process may take some time. This may result in some applications being placed on hold and others being rejected. Your application may be declined for a variety of reasons. In this guide, we explore the reasons and potential solutions to a declined status check from SASSA.

What Should You Do if Your Grant Application Declined

The application for the R350 Social Relief of Distress scheme enters the verification process once you submit it. The various factors and eligibility criteria of this program must be considered before applying. Your application is validated by SASSA by verifying your documents’ details with various agencies.

Your ID, name, and contact information are verified across a variety of platforms. Furthermore, these agencies check whether you receive other forms of financial assistance. therefore imperative that you enter the correct information.

Reasons for Declined Sassa Srd Grant Application

Your application has been declined because of misinformation in your documents. You have to go through a verification process to confirm that all the information you submitted is accurate. SASSA can decline your application if it finds any misinformation in it.

Moreover, SASSA rejects your application if it notices that you receive financial aid from other organizations, such as the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), South African Revenue Services (SARS), and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). SASSA, therefore, will decline your application if your documents’ details do not match those of government agencies.

As you may know, SRD helps unemployed and low-income individuals meet their basic needs. This program is open to unemployed individuals with no source of income. If you do not meet SASSA’s age requirements, such as being under 60 years old and unemployed, SASSA may reject your application.

What to Do if Your SASSA Application is Declined?

SASSA status checks indicate that your application has been declined, but do not panic. There is an appeal option available to you. SASSA will accept additional supporting documents within 90 days of the decline notification.

Check your original application documents for any discrepancies or misinformation before appealing. Resubmit your application with accurate details once you’ve corrected any errors or misinformation.

Resolving Issues with SASSA’s SRD R350 Program

SASSA’s SRD R350 program can help you receive financial assistance from the South African government, especially if you are currently unemployed. There may, however, be issues with your application, such as being declined due to employment or receiving funds from other financial aid programs. It is possible to address these concerns and request reconsideration or appeal.

Reconsideration Process

If SASSA rejected your application based on incorrect information or misunderstanding, you can request reconsideration by visiting SASSA’s website and clicking “apply for reconsideration”. This will initiate a review of your application and details. The SASSA will approve your check and provide the necessary financial assistance if the issue is resolved.

Appeal Process

You can appeal to SASSA if you believe your application was filled out correctly and you are eligible for the program. The SASSA website has a link for lodging an appeal. Enter your ID card number and mobile number and click “send SMS” to receive a pin code. Enter the pin code and select the month and reason for the appeal. Click on “submit” to complete the appeal process.

Applying for SRD R350

You can apply for SASSA’s SRD R350 program by following these steps. Visit the SASSA website and click on “how to apply online? ”. After clicking “create an account”, enter the necessary details. A pin code will be sent to your contact number when you enter your contact information on the website. Submit your application after receiving the code and filling out the other required fields. You will receive the necessary financial aid if your application is approved.

FAQs About SASSA SRD R350 Grant

A declined SASSA SRD R350 grant application can be fixed if you follow these steps. The following are some commonly asked questions about how to deal with a declined application.

How do I fix a declined SASSA application?

The SASSA has rejected your application if it has been declined. It is possible to apply for reconsideration of financial assistance you receive from other platforms in order to fix the problem. You can appeal to SASSA if you found misinformation or other problems in your application.

What does it mean when SASSA says declined?

SASSA may decline your application for a variety of reasons. You may be rejected if your application contains misinformation if you are employed, or if you receive funds from another platform. If this happens, you may appeal SASSA’s decision or request a reconsideration.

How do I reapply for SASSA R350 if my application was declined?

The SASSA can verify your application again and approve it if you filled in all the required fields in your application and did not receive funds from other platforms. By requesting SASSA to reconsider your application, you may also apply for reconsideration.

Does SASSA check my bank account?

Yes, Sassa checks your bank account information to determine whether or not you are employed or receiving funds from others. SASSA will decline your application if you receive financial assistance from another government platform. You can, however, trust SASSA with details of your bank account as it is a government-backed platform.


If you encounter delays or declines in your SASSA SRD R350 grant application, take the necessary steps to fix them. If your application has been denied, you can appeal to SASSA or request reconsideration on their official website.

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